Student Summer Storage Transport Info

Mahalo for choosing us for your storage needs! If you are utilizing our pickup and
drop-off services, please ensure the following below is completed.

Must Be Completed By Pickup Day:

1) All items should be boxed. (No garbage bags, items packed in laundry baskets, etc). Exceptions are fans, microwaves, refrigerator, etc. Small, loose items will not be taken.

2) All boxes and approved unboxed items must be labeled with storage unit #, first and last name and phone number of the primary contact that’s renting the unit.

3) All items must be ready at the pickup area indicated on the below map (dependent on school) at the start of your pickup time. (Example: If you are scheduled for 8am-8:30am, your items must be at pickup area by 8am). Unfortunately due to the volume of pickups, we will not wait for items if they are not ready to go when we arrive. 

4) Refrigerators must be defrosted at least 24 hours prior to pickup. You will be charged a $25 cleanup fee if you didn’t properly defrost your refrigerator and it leaked in your storage unit.

Pickup & Dropoff Locations

Students, we will pick up your packed items CURBSIDE, and drop off your items CURBSIDE when you return to the dorms.
Please use the maps below to view where your pickup and dropoff destinations will be located depending on your school.
UH Campus Map
HPU Chaminade
  • UH Campus Map
  • HPU Chaminade
Student Starter Bundle Pack
Starter Bundle Pack Available
Get it now while supplies last! Limited availability.

  • 5 small boxes
  • 3 medium boxes
  • 2 large boxes
  • 1 bubble wrap
  • 1 tape

Student Special
Regular: $49

Delivery of bundle not available.
Must pick up from Hawai’i Self Storage Kaimuki.

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